Dansa loss på Stallet i vår!
Gå på 4 danskvällar på Stallet i vår - betala för 3!
Väsen Duo 5/2, Anna Ekborg 5/3, MP3 26/3, Hedin & Meidell 2/4



Dansa loss på Stallet i vår!
Gå på 4 danskvällar på Stallet i vår - betala för 3!
Väsen Duo 5/2, Anna Ekborg 5/3, MP3 26/3, Hedin & Meidell 2/4

måndag 31 januari 19.00
Stämningsfullt musikaliskt firande av det nya månnyåret!

Köp biljett

Två taiwanesiska musiker 

pipaspelaren Fan-Qi Wu och slagverkaren I-Han Fu och deras specialgäst pianisten Ashley Chen bjuder på ett unikt musikaliskt firande av det nya månnyåret! 

HŲ - 2022 Lunar New Year in the Nordic Countries’ is a concert tour that host by two Taiwanese musicians, Pipa player Fan-Qi Wu and percussionist I-Han Fu. It will present four performances in four different cities in the Nordic countries, including Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden and Helsinki and Turku in Finland.

This concert aims to promote intercultural communication and give opportunities for people to experience the beauty of other cultures. Especially offer a musical environment for people to feel the energy and the celebration mood of Lunar New Year.

The program will be based not only on traditional lunar new year songs, folk tunes from Taiwan but also on musicians' compositions.

Fan-Qi Wu is a Pipa player from Taiwan. She is currently based in Sweden, pursuing her Master degree at Gothenburg University. Fan-Qi has won various prizes during her bachelor studies and has been invited as a soloist to cooperate with many orchestras. In recent years, her works were mainly based on the aesthetic of traditional Pipa music, trying to find out more possibilities on Pipa. Besides, she started to immerse herself in the relationship between improvisation and visual arts. Hoping to connect with the world by her instrument—the Pipa. 

I-Han Fu is a Taiwanese-born, Finnish-based musician. He started his music career in his early age. With a strong interest and passion for diverse musical styles, he possesses the ability to play multiple instruments. During his early age, he already participated in many CD recordings which are nominated and awarded, for instance, Grammy award, Golden Melody Award, and many others. Since moving to Europe in 2012, he has managed to unify the deep influence of his Asian roots with his time spent in Europe; he strives to embody a great intercultural spirit in his work. 

Ashley Chen was born in 1984 in Taipei. When she was four years old she began learning to play piano in Taiwan. She graduated from Conservatoire national de région de Paris with honors and was awarded unanimously with congratulations in 2009. This is the highest honor evaluation of the graduates' graduation concert by the judges! She has been living in Stockholm since the fall of 2014. In 2020, she completed the pedagogy course at the Stockholm Royal Music College and obtained a Swedish teacher certificate.

Fan-Qi Wu – pipa
I -Han Fu – slagverk/percussion
Ashley Chen – piano (special guest/specialgäst)

In collaboration with / I samarbete med Fumusic Studio


200kr/140kr ordinarie/Stallet-medlem, studerande, pensionär
(inkl. 20kr bokningsavgift)

Stallet & serveringen öppnar 18.00

Doors 6pm - concert 7pm - welcome!   



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