Välkomna till Stallet Världens Musik!
Live! Intimt! Nära!


Välkomna till Stallet Världens Musik!
Live! Intimt! Nära!

Shakib Mosadeq (Afghanistan)
fredag 20 april 19.00
Stallet guest

180420 shakib 1 webShakib Mosadeq is the leading singer of a home grown Rock Band in Afghanistan. Some call him the Michael Jackson of Afghanistan while others call him the Afghanistan King of Pop. After gaining huge popularity Shakib became the target of some local officials who were angered by his songs of protest.  They sang about human rights abuses and injustice in Afghanistan during a concert at Herat University. Shakib tried to make people understand the kind of human values and rights that we should have.

His famous songs that touched the nation are The Angels of a Dark Night which speaks about the abuse and rape of women in Afghanistan and Padar Jan (dear father) that is about the killing of a taxicab driver whose cab was driven over by a warlord vehicle. Shakib Mosadeqs video shows the image of the driver kissing his child goodbye as he leaves for work. The third song, Marsia angered many pro government officials



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