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EPOS International concert night

with Vanesa Muela and more

Tuesday, may 9th, 6pm

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EPOS - Equality and Plurality On Stage - is proud to present the multi-instrumentalist and folk singer Vanesa Muela who will come directly from Spain to perform at the EPOS International concert night. At this evening also a number of EPOS connected artists, who will soon be revealed, will perform. We will also get to meet the classical guitar player Pilar Rius, who will talk about the spanish network Mujeres en la Música and there work.

Vanesa Muela is a singer and multiinstrumentalist who is directly influenced by the spanish tradition, the roots and purity of the music of yesteryeares. She is able to show the soul of traditional songs she has learned directly from the elderly people. 
Vanesa is one of the most recognised and charismatic voices nowadays in Spain, she got the National Prize of Ethnology “Cultura Viva", granted by CSIC (Center Superior of Scientific Investigations) in the year 2006.
Her career is backed by more than three thousand five hundred concerts in Spain and several countries of Europe, her thirty-four years on the stages and the ten discs that she has in the market.

Square tambourine (Adufe), tambourines, rabel, zambomba, seashell, darbuka, sieve (Arel), kitchen instruments (spoons, casserole lid, frying pan, mortar…)

The concert night is a celebration of the project EPOS International, that is about connecting notworks and organisations that works for gender balance in Europe.

The project EPOS Internatonal is organized by EPOS Nätverk in collaboration with Musik i Syd, Kultur i Väst, RFoD, Stallet Folk & Världsmusik with support from MUCF and Statens Musikverk.


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Web: http://vanesamuela.es/ 

Video: https://goo.gl/rbtvB0

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